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Reiki Infused Shamanic Journey



Friday, July 19th

Friday, August 16th





Reiki Infused Shamanic Journey with Balanced Bluebird Healing

Reiki- Life force energy that flows through all living things
Shamanic- Connecting to the healing power of nature
Journey- Moving from one place to another

Cristen will offer Reiki healing throughout this session with the intention to cleanse and clear the energy system for your greatest good and hold space to empower the healer within us all. For the ultimate restorative experience, you will be guided through a powerful chakra balancing meditation, utilizing the breath to release blockages and support optimal wellness and vitality by allowing energy to move freely throughout your body. Then, in a deep relaxed state and a clear channel (third eye), you will tap into your sacred imagination and innate wisdom through a guided vision quest to connect with your Highest Self to gain clarity and intuitive insights. To conclude, we will progress into an automatic writing experience to receive divine messages, leaving you feeling restored, inspired, and empowered.

What to expect:

· Setting an intention
· Releasing any dense thoughts, emotions, or beliefs
· Utilizing breathwork to move energy
· Connecting with your Higher Self and your personal team of light for guidance
· Restoring your body’s natural ability to heal
· Experiencing deep relaxation, reflection, and insight
· Practicing self-love, self-care, self-compassion, self-respect, and empowerment

About Cristen:
Cristen is a Certified Integrative Wellness Professional and Reiki Master, with over 25 years of experience serving others as a teacher, coach, and healer. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association and the International Association of Therapists, specializing in Holistic EFT, Bach Flower Therapy, and energy healing with a deep connection to Shamanic practice. The field of health and wellness has been her world for almost three decades, and her work has evolved exponentially, taking her on many paths- personally, academically, and professionally. Cristen is dedicated to holding space for others to be seen and heard, promoting self-discovery, inspiration, growth, and positive change.

Read more, please visit Cristen's website:

Energy exchange - $35
At the door - $40
(10% OFF for Empowered Yogi Membership Holders)

Preregistration is REQUIRED

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