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Sound Healing Certification -
HWH Vibration Therapy CE available


🌟 Join us for an On-Site Transformative Sound Healing Certification Program with a Live Teacher! 🌟

Join us for a transformative three-day certification program that delves deep into the fascinating world of sound, music, vibration, frequencies and their profound impact on the mind, emotions, energy, and physical body. Discover the powerful applications of various instruments as tools for sound healing, and unlock the potential to enhance consciousness, productivity, healing rates, chakra alignment, mental clarity, relaxation, and trauma release. Be the leading educated influence in your community, family, business or personal journey.

✨ What to Expect: ✨

📚 Day 1(Part 1) - Principles of Vibrations
- Explore the fundamentals of frequencies, sound, and cymatics.
- Understand the magic of sympathetic resonance and the nuances between A440 and A432 chromatic tuning.
- Learn the direct association and Frequencies of chakras, notes, colors in the electromagnetic spectrum
🎵 Day 1(Part 2) - Learn to Use Musical Instruments as Tools for Sound Healing
- Get hands-on with instruments like Drums, Rattles, and textural instruments.
- Discover the differences and functions of different the variety of Singing Bowls and other instruments used in the field
- Enjoy a HandPan demo and the power of Gongs

🪶 Day 2(Part 1) - Tuning the Body, Tuning the Mind
- Exploring the brainwaves activities and frequencies with an EEG
- Tapping into Brain entrainment with binaural beats, and isochronic frequencies.
- Experience the magic of the Vibro-Acoustic Therapy in a comprehensive demo.

🙌 Day 2(Part 2) - Hands on Training
- Assessment of Trauma in the chakra/ biofield (energetic body)
- Engage in hands-on practice with singing bowls on the body
- Experience and Facilitate a Gongwash vibration therapy

🧘‍♀ Day 3(Part 1) - Energy Healing and Mindfulness
- Dive into mindfulness practices and their impact on brainwaves and health.
- Attune yourself to the practice of Energy Healing and how to enter the Theta State.
- Creating a sound guided meditation flow

⚡ Day 3(Part 2) - Energy Constructs and Proper Techniques in
- Prep & aftercare using proper techniques with grounding energy energetic shields
- Explore major hand placements for Chakra energy healing
- Experience an introductory Tuning Fork demonstration.

🗓️ DAY 1 - FRI APRIL 26 - 2:00PM - 9:00PM
🗓️ DAY 2 - SAT APRIL 27 - 2:00PM - 9:00PM
🗓️ DAY 3 - SUN APRIL 28 - 2:00PM - 9:00PM
*Enjoy a refreshing 45-minute break during each class.

🌊Harmonic Waves Healing is an accredited certification program with a focus on Holistic Health through combining Sound, Music, Vibration therapy and Qi energy field alignments. Our mission is to: 1) educate and bring awareness to the world about the impact of vibration frequencies to the mind, body, and our environment; 2) aid and assist in the alignment of the body’s energetic systems while healing emotional and mental traumas; 3) initiate participants to the practice of energy and vibration healing through attunements to bring harmony and balance to the mind, body, and energy centers and energy field.

*CEs available for Massage Therapists & Yoga Instructors

🎶 Ready to harmonize your life and amplify your healing abilities?

✨RSVP today and secure your spot on this healing journey.
✨ Take advantage of our early bird prices, please register ahead to ensure your spot while it lasts. This is a limited intimate class.✨


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