Our Teachers

  • Divya

    Divya's strong desire to live in an elevated state of mind led her to the path of Yoga. The insight she received through self study and exploration passionatley drove her to share it with others.


    * General Psychology, BA - University of Illinois, Chicago

    * E-RYT 200 hours of Hatha Yoga 

    * YT 200 hours of Kundalini Yoga (soon to be certified and registered) - Trained by Samadhi Banks

    * Master Reiki Healer - Trained by Jenni Maes & Shaman Jay

    * Sound Healer - Trained by Shaman Jay

    * 80 hours of "Living Wisdom" - Bridge Between Yoga & Activism - Trained by Bex Tyrer, Yoga Barn, Bali 

    * 80 hours of "Unwind the Feminine" - Specialized Yoga Training  - Trained by Bex Tyrer, Yoga Barn, Bali

    * 10 hours of "Yoga on a Quantum Level" - Trained by Gina Tortorello

    * 10 hours of the "Foundations of Meditation" - Trained by Gina Tortorello

    * 12 hours of Para Yoga - Trained by Yogarupa Rod Stryker

    She is also a lead teacher in the Rising Lotus School of Yoga & Wellness 200hr teacher training program where she shares the profound teachings of asanas/postures, breath and body awareness and alignment, and how to tap into the power of presence, oneness, gratitude, and love during practice.


    Since September 1st, 2018, Divya is the owner of Rising Lotus Healing Center.

    "Yoga infused with Svadhyaya (self-study) expanded my consciousness, broaden my perspective, healed my mind and body and aligned me with with my purpose. The best past is that there will always be ebb and flow, therefore we have the opportunity to constantly evolve if we allow ourselves to."

    Divya brings a genuine calmness and a deep sense of grounded presence to her classes with a positive outlook not only within you but with the surrounding world. She truly allows you to become blissful, to be you, and to just BE. With her grounding energy her yoga teachings create an environment for others to be completely present in the moment.

  • divine I

    devine I received her 200hr YTT in 2016. devine I is very passionate about the meditative aspect of yoga, connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit. She brings many styles of yoga into her classes, always making sure to dedicate time to create a space for stillness during practice. With her powerful meditative guidance, you truly open up the path to go into a space of stillness and peace within and feel the unity you share will all of life. 

    "Greetings. Eye am. Reflections abound. Healing me healing you. Describing me describing you. Loving me loving you. Slightly more yin than yang, and also more yang than yin. Eye balance like fire. Unpredictability is the plan, more of an evolution than a class. Are you breathing, or are you being breathed? Release. A loss, a purge, a deep wonderment that bends all cells, one. Breathe in the exhale. Notice. Just look at it. Come with me, be come a receiver. Abundant. Pure. Fulfilled. Now inhale. This always was an introduction to your cellf. Love you."

  • Gina Tortorello

    Gina’s altruistic nature and intuitiveness has led her to share the practice of yoga and conscious raising wisdom with others. The profound awakening of realizing her own divinity inspires Gina to share in helping her brothers and sisters of planet Earth to remember their own.

    “Because it’s time for us to raise our vibration and the vibration of the human collective. The
    work we are doing here is important. It’s time for us to remember who we are and I’m overjoyed to be part of the lightworkers who are helping others reunite with their authentic Self”

    Her curiosity sparks passion for growth and learning. Gina is dedicated to higher living and loves sharing it withbothers. She received her E-RYT 200 Hr. Yoga certification from Soderworld Wellness Center in 2013, a Reiki practitioner, Circle Space Holder, Creatrix of Becoming:The Science & Practices of Becoming Your Higher Self, brainwave entrainment mentor & self employed hair stylist who volunteers teaching yoga and leading hikes through the Cook County forest preserves is dedicated to higher living and loves sharing it with others.

  • Elizabeth Purcell

    The name Elizabeth means “dedicated to a sacred purpose.” Liz found her sacred path to healing and transformation through breath-to-movement Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 2014. She loves to use her yoga teacher training and her life experience to guide other yogis onto their own path of self-love and self-discovery.

    “Everyone’s journey to the Higher Self is unique. That’s why I fell in love with yoga. The practice meets you wherever you are - and that’s more than good enough!”

    Liz channels Divine energy in all of her classes, asking Spirit to work through her to decide the direction and intent. She uses quartz crystal singing bowls, sacred Apache clearing herbs, high-vibrational music, intention cards, candles and crystals.

    Liz is also an intuitive reader, healer, medium, card reader, and astrology chart reader.

  • Kylie Grogan

    Kylie Grogan is a Certified 200 HR Yoga teacher who obtained her certification here at Rising Lotus School of Yoga. She brings a strong sense of body healing to her students and believes yoga is for everyone.

    “Yoga has been in my life for a long time, however I was blind to its real benefits. Until I was diagnosed with Severe Fibromyalgia. Shortly after this Yoga changed my life.”

    Many of us are told there are no answers to our problems. This is what allows us to give up. Yoga shows us that there is always a way, and that there is always something we can do to help. Throughout Kylie’s yogic journey she discovered Reiki healing. She is currently a certified Level 2 Reiki healer, and does energy healing throughout her classes.


    Her goal is to create a yoga therapy practice to bring an alternative to the more costly therapeutic treatments. Kylie’s yoga practice shows others what they can truly be and accomplish. She has a craving to change this world for the better. So join her and the beautiful souls here at Rising Lotus, by attending a class to learn and practice the art of yoga.

  • Diane Frandsen

    A RYT-200 teacher, Diane began practicing yoga late in life as a way to round out her cardio and strength training while increasing her decreasing flexibility. After just one class, she discovered that yoga was so much more… a true balancing of mind, body and spirit.


    Diane loves to share her love of yoga asana, breath work and a sense of inner peace in her classes. Knowing that every day is a unique experience, so too is your yoga practice. Her philosophy is to let the poses meet the body where it is today, not trying to push your body to fit the poses, while developing your own self-awareness.


    When not practicing or teaching yoga, Diane loves to walk in nature, kayak, try new vegetarian/vegan recipes, read, listen to music and enjoy family time.

  • Eva Diaz

    Eva is a RYT200hr certified yoga teacher. She strongly believes in the physical, mental, emotional and most of all spiritual healing power of yoga! Born and raised in Poland she immigrated to the US at the age of 17 and instantly knew this is where she wanted to be.

    Life hasn’t been exactly easy for her. Living with anxiety and PTSD since childhood, she found how powerful and profoundly healing Yoga was after taking her first class in 2010!

    She knew right there and then, that yoga would literally save her life, and it did.

    In 2015, after practicing yoga regularly for 5 years, she finally found the courage to enroll in YTT! This was one of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding decisions she’s made for herself! Becoming a certified yoga instructor was what she was meant to do! It changed her life in numerous ways! She finally found her voice and her true purpose in life! To share this ancient practice with everyone who needed healing!


    "Yoga has made a profound impact on my life in more ways than one and being able to share it with others is truly a blessing. Yoga has given me the tools I needed, to learn how to overcome the fear of failure and judgement, how to believe in myself and how to find courage to trust myself and my talents! Through yoga I've learned to accept myself for who I am, to know my worth and most importantly I've learned that by embracing my flaws and imperfections, I was able to do the same for others. To me, Yoga is Love and when you have love, you have everything."

    She is eager and truly honored to share the love, energy and passion she has for yoga, with full understanding that we all practice yoga for our own unique reasons. In her vinyasa flow classes, after she verbally guides you through a sequence that she thoughtfully designed, you will be encouraged to let go of doubts and fears and flow at your own pace with acceptance, love and understanding.

    The “free flow” part of class becomes their moving meditation and it gives the students the opportunity to express their individuality and even their creativity! Students become more conscious and aware of their breath, that guides the body through series of postures! The mind finally settles, giving them the freedom to embrace and love their own unique selves.

    “With self acceptance and self love we finally find peace. That’s our journey. Namaste.”!

  • Jenni Maes

    Jenni Maes is a yoga teacher, Reiki healer and master, spiritual mentor, ascension guide, multi-dimensional coach and cosmic healer. Jenni completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Rising Lotus School of Yoga in Homer Glen. She is a sacred space holder, a pioneer of consciousness and facilitator of transformation.

    Jenni is known for her authentic, playful, radiant spirit that supports brave souls desiring a deeper connection with their own beloved essence through a guided asana practice. She incorporates rich intentions through guided practice, cultivating an organic flow of spiritual knowledge to become embodied within the poses.

    She is certified in several energy healing modalities, including Reiki, and enjoys weaving multidimensional techniques into her yoga classes thereby creating a space for students to overcome fears and step more fully into their radical exquisiteness and unique divine expression.

  • Alina was awakened to the power of yoga back in 2000 when she felt deeply and unexpectedly drawn to try a class. She immediately experienced a strong sense of home, of belonging and as she developed her practice she became more drawn to the spiritual knowledge, pranayama and the way yoga can transform lives as well as bodies. 

    Alina has practiced many styles of yoga here and overseas and was moved to become a teacher, achieving her Yoga Alliance teaching certificate in Italy. 

    Radiating a positive, encouraging energy, Alina’s classes reflect her desire to help others find stillness, strength and joy through their practice. 

    Each class has a focus, a purpose and in her classes she manages to weave in the wisdom of the ancient teachings of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and even her own mystical poetry. She has commitment to the asanas, her students and to the yoga community. 

    She is grateful to her teacher, Wade Gotwals for his guidance, encouragement and support and is honored to be teaching as his assistant.

    “When I teach I become aware of the pure love and joy students feel when they master the breath and I am passionate about helping others find their inner light and healing power through this ancient practice,” says Alina.

  • Natalie Sord

    Natalie’s passionate and authentic style of teaching is accessible and engaging on all levels. She originally came to her yoga mat as a college student trying to seek calm and ease in her busy schedule but she ended up finding so much more. The amount of awareness she received from practicing yoga inspired her to start sharing her love for mindfulness with others.


    In 2014, she completed her 200 hour teaching certification through Life Power Yoga. Natalie’s enthusiasm to deepen her studies and serve in her community led her to explore and complete multiple other teacher trainings- a trauma sensitive training with the Prison Yoga Project which encouraged her to teach incarcerated women at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. She completed an Aerial Yoga Certification through Aviana Yoga and teaches hanging from Oak trees. She most recently completed her 300 hour teaching certification in Integrated Vinyasa through the Colorado School of Yoga, now a E-RYT with 500 hours. Natalie graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and is a Certified Horticultural Therapist- she incorporates her love for nature and the environment into her teachings.


    She not only wants you to feel connected to your true self (Atman) but to the environment around you. Natalie’s calming and natural presence will allow you to feel grounded, nurtured, and rejuvenated. Off the mat, Natalie contributes her time volunteering for dog rescue, traveling, hiking, gardening, and spending time outdoors with her husband, chickens, and dogs.

  • Vanessa Jeziorski

    Yoga has been in her life for many years, and in 2014 Vanessa completed a 200 hour LifePower Yoga Teacher Training program directed by Jonny Kest and facilitated by Brenda Temme. Through her continued studies and workshops, she has learned the benefits and art of slowing down practice and truly listening to your body and your needs. This manifested naturally within her yoga practice throughout her pregnancies, leading her to a prenatal yoga teaching certification with the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga.

    She feels yoga is about learning who you are by bringing more awareness to your body, mind and spirit. Her goal is to share the joy and healing that yoga can bring to your emotional well-being and health, and would love for her students to open up and explore internally and out-worldly, giving them confidence to live their lives fully and with an open heart. Vanessa teaches pre and post natal workshops at Rising Lotus Healing Center.

  • Allison Barham

    After 20 years of balancing career, family and expectations, Allison took a leap of faith to be more present at home and at ease in her life.  Allison's passion for Yoga became a central focus as she completed her training with Brenda Temme and Life Power Yoga. 

    Allison believes in the healing power of Yoga, the strength of its community and impact on the world. She's committed to empowering others to see themselves through their own eyes, finding peace through breath and cherishing the present moment. Allison keeps fresh with meditation, workshops and practicing with fellow Yoga teachers. Her classes are dynamic, powerful and full of heart!

  • Connie Ford

    “I believe in the healing power of yoga, one breath and one moment at a time.”

    With a background in dance, Connie first came to the mat seeking a physical practice for strength and flexibility but quickly realized yoga is so much more. The more she practiced, the more her mat became a sanctuary. A place to let go and find stillness. Connie fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga, and the way our connection to breath makes us whole in mind, body and spirit.

    Yoga has helped Connie grow stronger, both physically and mentally, on and o( the mat. Her practice has taught her self-acceptance, and to see herself and others with only love. “When you lead with your heart, anything that no longer serves you begins to fall away and only love remains.”

    Connie’s passion to help others led her to complete her 200 RYT certification in 2016 through LifePower Yoga. Always a student first, she continues to learn and holds additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, Restorative Yin Aerial Yoga, and Level 1 Reiki Energy Healing.

    Connie is grateful to be part of the yoga community and Rising Lotus family, and looks forward to sharing space with you.

  • Tiffanny Bernsee

    Tiffanny’s yoga journey began as a personal committment to a healthier lifestyle.  Relating deeply to the delicate balance of motherhood and a full-time career, she understands that stress management can play a key role in one's physical health and emotional well-being.  With the motivation to be more present for her growing children, Tiffanny found herself at a local yoga studio with no idea what to expect.  Little did she realize, she was also on a path to new a found source of strength and self-acceptance.  The development of her daily practice has also kindled the desire to share the knowledge and benefits of yoga with others. As above all, Tiffanny feels it is her calling to help and support others.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Katya Sidelnik, Liz Smith, and Katie Hawks through InnerJasmine in February 2017; and is currently pursuing her 300 hour certification.  Always a student, she is certified in both Nidra and Restorative yoga, as well as being a Reiki Master.  While also navigating her own personal growth, Tiffanny has been able to share these healing practices from lineages she has admired and loved.  She is forever grateful for her teachers' continued support and mentorship. Tiffanny believes yoga can touch everyone in unexpected and wonderful ways, and hopes to encourage her students to utilize their practice to deepen the connections within themselves and those around them.  

  • Titi Joerres

    As an educator and a lifelong learner, Titi uses yoga as a vehicle to continue to discover and better herself so that she can better serve others. She has her Bachelor's in Natural Sciences and a Master's with a teaching certification in Early Childhood Education. She received her 200hr yoga teacher training at Amara Yoga & Arts in Urbana, IL and also has additional certifications in restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Titi found her way into yoga at the beginning of high school through vinyasa flows and recently began to discover the importance of moving inward. She recognizes the importance of balancing movement (vinyasa) with rest (meditation). She roots her classes in compassion and sending loving-kindness to oneself and to others. She recognizes the importance of each individual’s journey and strives to create a safe and playful space for students to discover themselves, let go, and love! She enjoys teaching first-time yoga students and lifelong students with an emphasis on alignment and awareness of breath. Titi fills her classes with positivity, smiles, and laughter. She strives to bring yoga to all and hopes that students leave her classes feeling centered with a better understanding of themselves, walking away in their most authentic identity.

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