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Reiki Level 3 Master / Teacher
Attunement & Teacher Training

December 14th & 15th 2024
 2PM – 9 PM

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🌟 Join us for a Transformative Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Training Experience! 🌟

🌈 Are you ready to take your Reiki journey to the next level? Dive deep into the secrets of the Masters, explore the profound connections of chakras, meridians, and auras, and become a certified Reiki Level 3 Master and Teacher in a comprehensive 2-day training.

What to Expect:
🔮 Reveal the Mysteries: Uncover all the Reiki symbols used in the Usui Reiki Lineage that hold the key to unlocking higher healing energies.

💫 Energy Alchemy: Integrate Reiki energy healing with your own personal practice for a holistic approach to wellness.

🌬️ Chakra Illumination: Learn the powerful Illumination Technique for Chakra and Aura Cleansing, promoting balance and harmony.


🌟 Fundamentals of Attunements: Master the art of Reiki Attunements, a sacred process that connects you to the universal energy.

Teacher Training Program:
📚 Empower Others: Receive comprehensive information materials, including symbols and attunement processes, to confidently share Reiki with others.

👩‍🏫 Teaching Techniques: Get trained in the art of teaching and creating a ceremony for attunements, making you a confident Reiki teacher.

🌐 Community Building: Gain valuable advice on starting your own Reiki Community, organizing group reiki circles, and collaborating with wellness studios.

Why Reiki?

💓Reiki, a Japanese energy system, offers a path to deep relaxation, emotional healing, and physical well-being. It's a universal energy that connects us to a higher source, promoting balance and eliminating blockages that hinder vitality.

🌟About our Instructor:
Simon Jay Cervania, is the founder of the Harmonic Waves Healing Accredited Certification Program. Using vibrations as a therapeutic tool, Jay travels and facilitates live sound journeys and gong washes. He is a multifaceted and talented artist, a painter of visionary art, and a musician with over 10 years of experience. Native to the Philippines, Jay came to America to master a variety of healing arts such as: energy healing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy and is a Reiki Master Teacher. His passion working with music and sound healing therapy have led him to work with numerous cultural and wellness centers, yoga studios, and holistic healing spaces throughout the Chicagoland area. A student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple, he also leads qi gong/tai chi classes. He has lead various healing modality workshops, mindful events, conscious community events and various festivals.
🌊Harmonic Waves healing is accredited through the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) and World Metaphysical Association (WMA). Our Reiki Integration program is also accredited with The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and we are officially an Approved Continuing Education credit provider.

📍LOCATION: Rising Lotus - 14911 S Bell Rd, Homer Glen, IL 60491

Open yourself to complementary and alternative medicine, and experience the positive effects of Reiki that have been backed by studies. Join us on this transformative journey and become a beacon of healing light!

Investment in Yourself

Reiki Level 3 ADMISSION (FOR Dec 14-15)
- EARLY BIRD (until Oct 31) - $330

Secure your spot now and unlock the full potential of Reiki! Let the universal energy flow through you, guiding you to new heights of healing and understanding.

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