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Seeding The Soul

 New Moon Ceremony






New Moon Image.png

It is time we connect with the power of the NEW MOON energy we are blessed with every month !

Join Us for Seeding the Soul New Moon Sacred Gathering!

We will infuse our intentions with the elements, manifestations with sound vibrations, we support one another & gather for the good of all.

The presence of a Full Moon & a New Moon that means the Sun, Earth and Moon line up perfectly, creating a portal of potent energy! During these times of the month even the tides of Mama Ocean are their highest & are transformed by the Moon's stunning energy. If our Grandmother Moon can move the Ocean, think about how it affects the vulnerable human body that is mainly made up of water & space.

Full Moon Ceremony's tend to get all the glory & attention. How could it not, the moon is so bright and full! The energy of full moons are all about closing old doors and letting go.. but what about New Moons? The new moon is symbolic for planting new seeds, bringing in new experiences, manifesting your dreams, getting a second chance and a clean slate. The moon is not visible during this fruitful time because it is inbetween earth and sun, with the dark unilluminated side facing towards us.. . The sky is much darker, the starts brighten.. it's a potent time. After all, to for a seed to grow it must be planted in the darkness of the soil. Just like we plant new intentions during the darkest time of the month..

So join us for MONTHLY NEW MOON CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY CEREMONY! May we gather in Circle. May we inspire one another. May we uplift each others dreams and intentions! This monthly ceremony will be unique to each month. Different beloved Beings may be divinely called to host each month with unique offerings.. who knows.. we're flowing with the energy of Spirit. Are you with me?!

Registration is REQUIRED through the link below or call 708-559-5644

Your Love Donation Is Greatly Appreciated! 

***Event photo graphics is designed by one of Rising Lotus's facilitator's, Simon Jay***

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