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Massage Therapy


Emotional Release Sound/Vibrational Healing


Cupping therapy


Sound Therapy with
Tuning Forks 


Access Consciousness Bars Therapy


Intuitive Energy Healing




Acupuncture/Cupping/Massage Therapy - Vanessa Waller, L.Ac, LMT

Vanessa began her career in acupuncture after reading how it could reduce depression and anxiety, from which she had struggled for many years.  Acupuncture enabled her to integrate body and mind in the healing process, a necessity for successful long-term change.  

She graduated with a Master's degree in acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio.   She completed a total of over 3,000 clinical hours, including an internship at the Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine.  

Vanessa spent the next year as an intern under Dr. Shixi Chen, OMD., before returning to her native home of Chicago.  She is now based within Rising Lotus Yoga in Homer Glen, IL.  Although she treats a wide variety of issues, the most common issues she addresses are joint pain, infertility, anxiety, sciatica, and back pain.

Vanessa is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in the state of Illinois, and board-certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture through NCCAOM. Along with evidence-based complimentary therapies, she combines her credentials, intuition, and empathy to provide optimal healing to women and men in her community.


Reiki - Erica Cybulski

Reverend Erica Cybulski is a 7th Level Reiki Master Teacher in the direct lineage from Usui.


All her life, Erica has been drawn to the healing arts, which naturally led her to Reiki. In her very first Reiki session, she had a profound healing experience and immediately knew this was to be part of her life's work. For Erica, Reiki is a means to heal the wounds of the mortal experience and more deeply connect to the truth and light of one’s soul. After becoming attuned to the energy of Reiki, Erica discovered a deeper level of personal power and oneness with the Universe. She now shares this work with people and animals and is honored to be teaching this ancient healing practice. After what Reiki has done for Erica in her life, she considers it a requisite for thriving in the modern world.


In 2019, Erica founded Soul Saging, a Reiki based healing center. There she offers traditional Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Yoga + Meditation, as well as incredible modality mash ups such as Reiki Nidra + Shamanic Reiki Journeys. Erica also puts together profoundly healing Moon Circles + Reiki training.

Renata K .jpeg

 Sound Therapist & Reflexologist

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner - Renata Kusmider

Tune Your Universe with Renata!

Renata is a certified Quantum and Sound Therapist, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Reflexologist who specializes in healing sessions with Tuning Forks and singing bowls. 

She offers non-invasive sound therapy, which restores the proper functions of the body and soul. Use of tuning forks assist the immune system and help stimulate the body to heal itself. 


Before Renata started offering her services, she tested its effects on herself. She is convinced, she could share her life changing experience with others through sounds and frequencies, which successfully serves her and her clients.


Sound therapy with tuning forks covers a wide range of in-depth cellular impact that restores and promotes a healthy life. It also helps speed up recovery of the body and is used as a form of therapy in people with mental and physical disorders. Sound activates emotions, allowing you to get rid of anxiety and improving your concentration. Vibrations and frequencies of tuning forks can have a great effects on the nervous system, restore balance and bring inner peace. 


Each sound therapy session by Renata is specifically tailored to the clients needs in order to achieve the best mental outcomes and health benefits.


Energy Healer - Hanna Hassan

As a level III Reiki Master Practitioner, Hanna Hassan has created her very own unique divine method of healing, that has repaired and transformed many lives. Her results speak for themselves. With success in her own complete transformation, she can draw from experience and is living proof that her method works. She's a true embodiment of one who walks the talk and practices what teach, always!
Hanna's Areas of Expertise:

✔️ Meditation Coach

✔️Shadow Work Expert

✔️Identify and Heal Energetic Blocks

✔️Energy Healing & Clearing

✔️Manifestation & Visualization Teacher


Benefits of working with Hanna:

✔️Relief from chronic pain

✔️ Increased energy levels

✔️ Promote emotional healing & stability

✔️ Clear financial blocks allowing abundance to flow

✔️ Increase self-awareness

✔️ Reduce stress

✔️ Spiritual growth & development

✔️ Clearing & balancing chakras

✔️ Peace of mind & body

✔️ Strengthened immune system

✔️ Reduce tension & anxiety

✔️ Improved circulation

✔️ Supports restful sleep

✔️ Transform unhealthy thinking patterns of fear, stress, worry and anxiety.

✔️ Easily master the art of turning off the monkey brain or ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

✔️ Experience greater joy, gratitude and peace.

✔️ Get acquainted with your higher self.

✔️ Learn the basics of how high frequency is amazingly powerful and can heal the body & mind.

"Energy medicine is about activating the natural healing capacity of our bodies. As a level III Reiki Master practitioner, I have created a simple evidence-based approach to energy healing that successfully transformed my entire life." ~ Hanna

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