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Sound & Art Meditation



Sunday, April 28th




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Start your journey with a deep relaxation while experiencing a Sound Bath. Allow the power of creativity to be fully awakened. Continue by emerging yourself into the meditative process of Neurographica. Plant a seed within yourself that will flourish in the future. Find answers to your questions. Come closer to who you truly are.

Neurographica to me is the Doorway to the Subconscious. There is no intention to create a piece of art, and therefore - no pressure. Everyone can do it. The intention is to Express our Inner callings - what is willing to be seen, named, recognized and accepted. The lines, the choice of color and its distribution is based on the intuitive impulses. I often hear people say: “I have no idea why, I chose it? I wanted something else but chose this?” Again, this practice is a tool to show us what we need, not what we “think we want”. Our “wants” are usually based on our past, influenced by conditioning, habits, executed unconsciously, automatically. Our Needs are different. They don’t feel “safe”. They often mean discomfort, sometimes even pain. They need courage to be expressed, seen and lived. However, they are the potencial for all the changes we crave in our lives.

Neurographica is one of the tools to walk the path of Change. So is the Gong. “Gong” means “work”. It impacts the brain activity allowing us to move from the awake (Beta) state into the calm (Alpha) state, followed by the restful (Theta) state and the deeply relaxing meditative (Delta) state. It depends on our ability to drop any effort and let go of tension - physically as well as mentally and emotionally - what state we end up at. It is a practice as any other and it is all about regularity: the often you submit yourself to the vibrations of the gong, the deeper you travel. The more calm and silent you get, the more open your consciousness becomes, the deeper you can listen. The gong as well as its player are instruments. The player is there to transmit what the Gong has to say, therefore it does sound and vibrate in different ways every single moment to penetrate the layers of consciousness of every single individual attending the sound bath. It brings up what we need to see, to feel, to acknowledge and to accept. It is a deeply healing tool if we allow it to be.

The combination of Gong sound bath and Neurographica is a unique way of accessing our powerful self healing potential. Show up and experience ❤️.

Saturday, February 17th, 1-4pm
Energy Exchange - $55 (all materials included). 10% OFF to Empowered Yogi Membership Holders (automatically applies at the check out)

Space is limited! Pre-registration is REQUIRED.

Inga completed her masters in clinical psychology at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. Since then, she understood the importance of self-healing. Important part of healing is discovering our authentic self. On her journey, she answered the call to become a tool for healing others.
Today, Inga is sharing her experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher. She is about to get her RYT 500 certification with the main emphasis on yoga therapy. She continues pursuing the goal of inspiring people to seek well-being through healthy movement, breath awareness, energy work, sound, and art therapeutics. She also leads silent retreats and spiritual travel for women.

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