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Open, Wild & Free MasterClass
(for women)



Friday, March 1st





Join Emile for a 3.5 hour Immersive MasterClass designed for Women who are ready to to unleash their most authentically expressed self to live an Open, Wild & Free life.
In Em's Open, Wild & Free MasterClass, she will guide you through a variety of exercises and experiences to bring you closer to your true self beyond the constructs, programs & limitations you have been living by due to..
- childhood trauma that taught you to not feel safe in your body,
- an abandonment wound that taught you to fear deep intimacy,
- & societal pressure that taught you to mute your authentic self & live by social norms so you can fit in.
You will be taken on a trip far beyond your comfort zone where you will Experience yourself on a level you never knew existed.

You will feel the plethora of human emotion to a depth as deep as the ocean. To live in your Truth & to experience life to the fullest is only possible if we radically let ourselves feel & experience the life that we are without holding back.

Our capacity to live depends on our capacity to feel.

Are you ready to let go & feel deeply?


This MasterClass is for those who...

- are ready to dive deep into themselves no matter what it may bring up.

- are ready to let down their armor to be seen for who they really are.

- are willing to feel uncomfortable emotions to get to know themselves on a deeper level.

- are ready to make their well-being their top priority.

- want a deeper connection with their body & emotions.

- are yearning to reclaim their self worth and be un-fvck-withable.

- want but fear deep intimacy due to an abandonment wound.

- are yearning to unleash their wild feminine energy.

- are ready to release fear of judgement & need for outside validation.

If this is YOU, then I would love to embrace and hold you because I FEEL YOU. I have been there and this is why I'm sharing this. So join me and let's unleash that Open, Wild & Free babe! The World needs you to be YOU! No more holding back.

Join me Friday, March 1st from 6:15-9:45pm. 

Space is limited! Register in advance to insure you have a spot.

Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in and makes you feel good and safe in your body. <3

Make sure to bring some water!


Self-Loving Investment: $66

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