Class Descriptions


Core Fusion 

The core is the powerhouse of your being. It is the unique soul imprint space within you. This space is where empowerment stems from, the space where the drive to succeed and self-confidence unfolds. It is where the FLAME of life resides. This class will focus on this precious space by strengthening the core and activating the powerhouse within you! Sharla will incorporate yoga asana pilates strength training balance and all things core. Discover your true strength and vitality by twisting crunching bending while enjoying mindful rests along the way. Let yourself be transform!

Yin Restorative

Yin Restorative focuses on bringing harmony, balance and peace to the mind, body and soul connection. In this class you may find the use of candles, incense, essential oils and singing bowls to guide each yogi into the tranquility within their soul as you engage in deep breathing, guided meditations and calm music. Yin Restorative welcomes all levels of yoga and meditation experience. Yoga blocks, bolsters, belts and blankets are used in this class to modify and deepen the poses.

Guided Meditation

From Intention to Manifestation * Awakening the Guru Within. All ages. All levels. Join Sharla for a class that will test your patience. Living in such a fast pace society, we have learned to always DO and never just BE. This class is designed to help you slow down and be your natural and organic self prior to all the busyness and hustle. Transform your life. Deep healing. Evolve or repeat.

Embodied Soul Flow

Slow, mindful movement (with modern jams) that awakens the precious body temple to brilliant transformation, incorporating the combination of strength through fierce grace, flexibility through grounded self-love and alignment through radiant harmony. This Hatha Yoga class is infused with deep spiritual principles to marry the consciousness of the body to the consciousness of the soul. As we work to embody the consciousness of the soul within our physical vessel, we experience shifts in our reality as the Universe reconfigures itself to mirror back to us our new higher vibration through the process of soul magnetism. It is through this higher vibration, or increase in frequency, that we gain access to quantum possibilities that were not previously available. Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." As we access the quantum field of possibilities, we expand our consciousness creating a magnetic echo in our reality through newly empowered choices we make. Each class is unique and will work with the collective energy of the students attending to increase awareness and achieve transformation through the radical shifting of any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations as well as energetic interference. Working on all levels and layers, this class will empower you to step ferociously into your divine inheritance, embrace your wild holy nature as an embodied, multi-dimensional soul and liberate your psyche from old paradigms rooted in lack, control, victimization, manipulation, oppression and mind imprisonment. During this class, we will purify our bodies, free our minds and dance to the rhythm of our soul!

Hatha Yoga

Come as you are and leave as you want to be. Join Diane for a breath and alignment based practice offering guided poses with modifications for both beginners and seasoned yogis alike. A well-rounded practice that begins with slowly opening the body and calming the mind and progressing to a series of grounding, balancing and gentle strengthening postures. Your practice ends in a blissful Savasana for deep relaxation.

Heart Opening Yoga

In this Hatha Yoga we explore different styles week to week. we come into the breath and quiet the mind. We will work towards finding steadiness in asana and attain increased balance. An enhanced connection to our heart and highest self will be developed through heart opening flow and stillness. Each class provides personal modifications and emphasizes integrating mind, body, energy, and breath–all within a playful, supportive environment. This class may include meditation, pranayama, guided visualization, and mantra in these to deepen your practice and promote presence. All levels of practice are welcome.

Mindful Soul Flow

Join Sharla Thursday's for a 1.15 hour journey within presence that infuses mindfulness body awareness and self care in a series of gently integrated asana. Not only will you flow gently but we will also explore thyself by going from that space of stillness to cardio and back to stillness, tuning you in to self discovery and truth. Yoga is a science of the heart and this class will bring you into balance with yours. Prepare to bend mind, body, heart, and breath, with pranayama, mantra, asana, and stillness.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion combines elements of Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pilates to lengthen and strengthen the body. This class will build heat within and refresh the senses with meditative breathing, power poses and deep stretching. Yoga Fusion guides yogis through an energizing flow and closes with Yin Restorative poses to calm the mind and release energetic blockages.

Once you've created a regular practice you will find it that your coordination and alignment has improved, balance and stability has become better, flexibility has increased, movement has become more graceful and coordinated, breathing has improved which reduces stress levels and enhances the mind-body connection, and lastly, activities of daily living become easier. Best of all, it only gets better with practice! 

Yoga Nidra For Emotional Healing

Sharla's Yoga Nidra Yogic Sleep is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to provide a person with a deep sense of calmness, peace and relaxation. The transcending experience that is Yoga Nidra guides you into a very deep state of relaxation where we can get out of our own way and allow healing to take place. Best part is that it requires little to no physical activity.
Transformative benefits are gained from the regular practice of this ancient method of meditation - on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Everyone deals with stressors in their lives and can use a safe space and technique to relax and unwind. Some of these stressors can linger for days, months and even years. To prevent mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual damage that tend to accompany these stressors life throw at us, learning to routinely practice Yoga Nidra truly is something everyone can profoundly benefit from learning.
~ All levels ~ All ages ~

Balance & Strength Yoga

Join Eva for an all levels welcome Yoga class where we build strength, balance, and power, designed to detox the body. It is a true blend of balance, improving flexibility, and strengthening the core. You will be focusing on postures that open the hips, spine, and shoulders. This style of yoga combines meditation with balancing poses all while detoxifying our bodies while we work to build strength and vitality using power yoga. Get ready to leave all messy emotions on your mat and melt them away. We look forward to seeing you during class!
“Sometimes, we do not realize the weight of what we have been holding on to until the weight of it’s release is felt.”

Restorative with Essential Oils

Take time for a sacred pause. Restorative with essential oils guided by Diane is a gentle yoga practice with poses held for extended periods while utilizing props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and eye pillows) for comfort and relaxation. Specially blended combinations of essential oils are offered to enhance the poses and further relax the body and mind on a cellular level allowing for healing and soft reflection.

Vinyasa Flow

Join Eva for Morning vinyasa. After she verbally guides you through a sequence that she thoughtfully designed, you will be encouraged to let go of doubts and fears and flow at your own pace with acceptance, love, and understanding.
The “free flow” part of the class becomes their moving meditation and it gives the students the opportunity to express their individuality and even their creativity!
Students become more conscious and aware of their breath, that guides the body through a series of postures! The mind finally settles, giving them the freedom to embrace and love their own unique selves.
“With self-acceptance and self-love we finally find peace”!
That’s our journey.

Morning Gratitude Flow

Start your day with gratitude. Move-breathe-flow into the rhythm of your mornings and create momentum to take you into the rest of your day. In this class we dedicate time to move with the morning sunshine, energize the breath and body, follow the flow of each deep inhalation and exhalation through mindful movements and come back to zero-stillness-integration as we take the flow into a more Hatha style, practicing finding balance through the Ying and the Yang of Yoga flow. Sharla will guide you on a journey back to Self-Zero-Nothing-NoMind through meditation, pranayama, guided visualization, and mantra from time to time to help deepen your practice and promote presence. All levels of practice are welcome. 

Self-Awakening Vinyasa

Relax the mind, challenge the body, and connect to your True Self in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Liz! This class uses Divine inspiration and Earth energy tools to bring a strong spiritual vibe into a breath-to-movement flow. Vinyasa Flow with Liz focuses on building inner body heat and strengthening the whole body from head-to-toe with repetition, challenge poses and modifications/advancements. The class winds down with slow, deep stretches and controlled breathwork. A chakra meditation and light spiritual guidance puts the mind, body and soul at ease. A silent meditation with music closes class, awakening later to a root chakra singing bowl.

Breath & Body Flow

 Join Divya'a Breath & Body Flow class, a Yoga practice for all levels, beginner friendly! In this practice will be offered techniques that may help you connect with your body and breath, tapping into the benevolent union between the two, allowing you to fully feel the power in every cell of the body and every breath that Life offers you. As you will be verbally guided from asana to asana, you will also be encouraged to flow freely as the body wants within the postures you will be offered. This is where you can can claim your practice and listen to your body more for ALL body's are different.  A space of acceptance will be held for you to explore with no judgment or comparing for you are a unique individual. We will work on finding ways to get into stagnant areas to release unwanted blockages and create space for energy to flow in the body through working with flexibility, strength, balance,  stillness, and breath. Soft sound healing, essential oils, and guided meditation and visualization will be present throughout the Yoga practice to deepen your journey within as you retreat on the mat.

Restore & Rejuvenate w/ Sound Healing 

Join Divya's for Restore & Rejuvenate, a 1.15 hour Yoga practice dedicated to deep stretches, deep breaths, and deep relaxation. The first half of your practice will be dedicated to a Hatha Yoga flow and the second half will be dedicated to Restorative Yoga with sound healing. During this practice, you will be invited to maintain your focus on the breath and body as we embody a variety of postures in order to release any toxins and blockages while working on maintaining a relaxed state and deep breath so the mind can rest. During the restorative portion, we will use many props to relax the body in postures that promote feelings of comfort, effortlessness, and balance. Soft sound healing, essential oils, and guided meditation and visualization will be present throughout the Yoga practice to deepen your journey within as you retreat on the mat.

Foundation of Vinyasa Flow

Slow your practice down by tuning into your body and breath, mindfully engaging your muscles to support your body with integrity. This class Will allow you to flow with the rhythm of your breath and to take time to learn and feel yoga poses in your body. This class has therapeutic quality to it by allowing you to feel more, look inward and heal deeply. All levels are welcome. It is mostly guided but I still give students time to flow through Sun A and Sun B to the pace of their own breath. The longer sequence Sun C is made of around 8 postures and they are usually held for about 5 breaths each. Sun C is also guided.

Yin Yoga

Set in a calm and meditative space this yoga class is an opportunity for you to move deeper into your breath and body and awaken your profound self-acceptance by balancing mindful meditation and deep stretching. You will use the postures to get into your body through deep stretches of your connective tissue by applying slow and steady stress to your ligaments. This helps maintain your ligaments' elasticity which we often lose as we age. Yin class does not involve any muscular engagement and it is great for students of all levels.


A strong pairing of Yin and Vinyasa - of passive to dynamic - of long holds and stillness to continuous flow and rebirth. During the Yin style of class you will deeply stretch your connective tissue - increasing flexibility, opening the body up to a flow of energy and detoxification and promoting health of your joints and internal organs. You may find that Yin will peacefully guide you into stillness - not only physically, but mentally. After a few long held poses, it's time to embody the Yang to your Yin. Vinyasa will take you from calm to expressive - from slow to fast - from Earth to Sun! ~ a flow to strengthen and invigorate the body and mind.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

More than just a sit. Pranayama breathwork. Gentle yoga stretching. Discourse and training in meditation technique. Results: sharper mind, expanded awareness and pure unconditional joy.  A class that will test your patience. Living in such a fast pace society, we have learned to always DO and never just BE. This class is designed to help you slow down and be your natural and organic self prior to all the busyness and hustle. Transform your life. Deep healing. Evolve or repeat. 

Guided Practice of Self Healing

WE ARE SO POWERFUL! Activate your radiant energetic healing abilitiesand learn how to self direct higher vibrational frequencies to yourself fromyour Higher Self in this meditative intimate practice to increase your bioenergetic field promoting optimal health, vibrancy and well being. What to expect from this class? As this is an intimate practice of self healing, each participant will have his/her own space for privacy. We will begin by engaging in energy enhancing movements based on the practice of Qi Gong to harness Universal Energy and merge it with our own. From there we will settle in restorative yoga poses to allow the body to relax and receive as you will be guided on applying various forms of self massage and Reiki. In closing, you will be guided through a meditation for blessing the body and giving it permission to become the healthiest version possible. This practice is a powerful opportunity for you to show up for yourself in a very healing/wholing way. Feel free to bring your own essential oils or CBD products to enhance this experience.

Creative Vinyasa Flow

Unifying body, soul and mind by building physical and mental strength as you flow in this unique asana experience and drawing in the breath as your inner source of power. The yoga sequence includes all of the various groups of poses, focusing on equal parts strength, flexibility and balance, as well as moving the spine in all directions (flexion, extension, side bending and twists). When we follow the basic template for a balanced sequence (opening, warm-ups, standing poses, inversions, backbends, twists, forward folds, and closing postures ending with savasana) we can easily swap out one pose for another in the same category, keeping things simple and interesting. Also in this class choosing a theme or bhavana (feeling) in the sequence, incorporating poses or groups of poses that help students to embody and experience the feeling, attitude and/or lesson your imparting. It could be "gratitude" and sequence could focus on the gentle lift of the chest and expansion of the torso moving toward heart-opening poses. Always incorporating centering of the breath in between of asana’s, some relaxing moves and dance elements. Themes are endless, no limits or boundaries in yoga!

Deep Stretch Yin Yang

Let's practice stillness, ease and stability by holding and stretching, become present to various sensations and feelings to focus your mental energy for peace and tranquility. Yin postures are primarily passive in nature and held anywhere from one minute to well over five minutes in order to target the body’s connective tissues, rather than muscle groups. Yin postures are all about release. Postures and breath work typically focus on manipulating the fascia—the deep connective tissues that fit like a sleeve around muscle groups and individual muscles. By slowly loading various types of connective tissues with weight and maintaining long static holds, Yin Yoga aims to train muscular fascia to become more flexible and ligaments that support joints to become stronger. This creates space for our muscles to lengthen more in yang practices and our joints to safely enjoy an increased range of mobility during our daily movements. Regular yin practice might make it physically easier for us to sit comfortably for long periods of time—all the better for meditation! If you meditate or want to begin meditation practice, Yin Yoga may be an ideal opportunity to do just that. Holding a pose presents one of the few opportunities many of us have to simply just “be”—not forced to think about anything, do anything, or even move. Become present to the various sensations and feelings that arise over the many minutes you hold a posture. It’s a great way to focus your mental energy on your goal, away from the distractions that bombard you throughout the day.

Light Body Activation

Awaken and expand your luminous light body through yoga poses, energy enhancing techniques, affirmations, creative visual meditation and expand your energy field for creating optimal vibrational alignment towards your highest living. We are learning so much about energy and it’s effects on EVERYTHING. We have within us the power to create a more vibrant life for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet by increasing our personal field of energy. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”...... Nikola Tesla. Let us share with you the secrets of the universe... This practice infuses both movement and meditation... strength and stillness...attunement to soul energy and connection to Source Energy. This class is designed for the practitioner looking for ways to use energy expansion as a means of higher self development. Some energy practice experience recommended. 

inZENcity Yoga Flow

 inZENsity Yoga Flow, where intensity of asanas meet a state of calmness, attentiveness, no”mind”ness; Zen. Powerful, vinyasa style class where we move fluidly from one pose to the next and get lost in the rhythm of asana. We are here to take a closer observation in the transition between poses, and listen to what the breath is conveying. Breath and body movement connection invites us to have an experience with every new and energizing breath we take. This class welcomes all levels of practice and supports personal modifications, variations of poses and pace, to collectively engage in dynamic postures and expressive movements. Our attentiveness and energy in a supportive and safe environment allows us to detach from “mind full” practice, where fear and doubt clings to challenging poses, to Mindful, a state of divine being intimately connected with each, beautiful pose as it is. Let go of the mind, the worry, the ego, the limiting beliefs...and find your zen.