PERU: Cultural, Spiritual & Yogic Immersion

PERU: Cultural, Spiritual & Yogic Immersion

September 16-30, 2020

Is an adventurous excursion awaiting you? Are you ready to experience an epic Peruvian immersion you've never had? Let me tell ya, you'll definitely be checking this of your bucket list, so get ready!

Before we dive into the details, NO, you will not be in a pack of 50 more tourists rushing from place to place, taking thousands of photos without the raw immersion into the culture where you'll get to actually enjoy and absorb it all. You'll be diving in deep... into real traveler's shoes with a small group of likeminded that you may forget all about the camera. ;D

Part One = 8 days of adventure
September 16th - 23rd
~ We all fly into Lima, the capital of Peru. Visiting the city, old town, museums.
~ Cusco - the capital of Inca. The great town square is quite lively with visitors with narrow cobblestone streets climbing up the walls of the valley through the old buildings. Explore the town, museums, churches, cafes and local shops. Enjoy the culture at its finest!
~ Visit the historical ruins of upper city Sacsayhuaman.
~ Explore the Sacred Valley.
~ Private transportation will take us to Pisac famous for its indigenous market. Probably the best place to get something for safekeeping.
~ Ollantaytambo - This small town is a perfect reflection of Inca culture, their every-day life, their agricultural specifications and trading traditions. Tour the ruins of the last Inca fort of Ollantaytambo. The history of this very important area plays an important role in the life of the local people.
~ We'll take a scenic train ride to Aquas Calientes. Aquas Calientes is a touristy mecca in the foothill of Machu Picchu, (like a small Las Vegas in the middle of the jungle). We will settle at the hotel and you
will then be free to explore this little charming town busy with tourists preparing for the Machu Picchu visit.
~ Machu Picchu - We will enter the Park as if walking into the clouds! We will climb about 1 km up the Mountain of Machu Picchu or Huayna Picchu. Here we will be rewarded with unbelievable view of Machu Picchu from a bird eye point of view! The narrow Inca stairs you'll see there are beautiful to experience. Most of the stairs are in their original state and the rest is reconstructed by old Inca traditions. Our exploration of Machu Picchu and the inca's history will be a amazing and memorable experience. The energy will be very high so we will take time to ground our selves and take in the high energy through meditation on the sacred Machu Picchu terrace.
~ After exploring the site we catch the Peru Rail scenic train back to Cusco. If you will have the energy to, we will explore Cusco before we leave this town, missing it already...
~ Activate the Yogi in you as we create time and space for Yoga and Meditation! True Yoga is off the mat so as we anchor the Higher Self into the body on the mat, we'll be able to experience this Immersive Peruvian Journey on a whole new level. ♥
~ Accommodation (hostels and hotels)
~ All internal flights, train and other transportation

Part Two = 9 days of adventure
September 22nd -30th
~ Lima - the capital of Peru.We will visit the city, old town, museums.
~ Pucallpa - This will be the beginning of your spiritual journey with Earth Medicine and the activation of your deepest self. Life will never be the same.We will meet with our spiritual guide in preparation for our journey to the heart of the Amazon jungle.
~ We will take a boat ride on the Ucayali river (Amazon river tributary) to a small village of Betane.
~ We take a hike deeper into the jungle where we settle in our net tents under palm leaf cabanas. This will be our home for the length of the stay. We strongly believe that the surroundings of Amazonia are the key to a deeper connection with your inner self. The healing begins when you submerge and give in to the nature around you. The jungle will speak to you through the process! It will be beautiful..
~ The herbal baths will cleanse your body and soul and will help you take in whatever our teachers have prepared for us. You will have your own personal journey unlike anyone else in our intimate group of explorers. Some of you will be willing to share the experiences while others may want to go through it alone. All are honored.
~ Four Earth Healing ceremonies will be offered to you by Shipibo shamans.
~ Throughout the time here we will also get to know the culture of the locals through the engagement and participation of traditional crafts and teaching to understand the meaning of ikaras and the writings in the sewing patterns. We wish you to find what you are seeking for. May the Mother Earth bring you hOMe to where you belong.
~ Ecstatic Dance Party
~ Yet again, we will continue to activate the Yogi within us as we create time and space for Yoga and Meditation in the jungle as well!
~ Accommodations (hostels, hotels nd cabanas)
~ All internal flights, boat trip and other transportation

Thank you for letting us share our love for magical Peru with you!

1st part- Early Bird $1697 (paid in full by 03.31.20)- regular $1897 (single occupancy extra $350)
2nd part- Early bird $1597 (paid in full by 03.31.20) - regular $1797 (single occupancy extra $150)
Both parts- Early Bird $2997 (paid in full by 03.31.20) - regular $3297 (single occupancy extra $500)
All final payments has to be made by 08.01.20

Not included:
International flight (we'll help recommend and book flights)

Travel Insurance
Tips to tours' guides
Some of lunch and dinner (ask for details)
Any additional activities
Personal expenses

Secure your spot because we are ONLY taking 10 adventure bugs with us ;)
Remember, deposits are not refundable but you won't have to worry about that! This trip will be AMAZING and TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Secure your stop with $697 deposit through the link below or contact 708-307-9103

Meet Your Guides


An independent guide with experience like no other. Has been in guiding service since 1991 visiting countries in the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas. He shares with others what he loves most. His knowledge of the Latin countries comes from his own life journey: Zil has traveled through Americas on the bicycle from Chicago to the most Southern point of Argentina for 18 months. He has learned the language and customs of the countries along the way and strongly believes that this knowledge has been given to his so he would share it with others. His mission is to reveal the beauty of the places visited from the perspective of the local culture and people. He is an advocate for responsible traveling: travel, experience, learn, leave no trace. Communicative philosophical, open personality.
His philosophy is: When the student is ready, the master will appear. Are you ready?

~ Zilvinas Usonis ~


Emile's strong desire to live in an elevated state of mind led her to the path of Yoga. The insight she received through self exploration passionately drove her to share it with others. She is a trained/certified Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer and Yoga Retreats' Leader. Em graduated with a Bachelors degree in psychology at the University of Chicago in Illinois (UIC) and incorporates her knowledge of the mind in her yoga teachings. Today, she teaches public yoga classes, is a lead teacher in Rising Lotus School of Yoga & Wellness 200hr teacher training program and is the owner of Rising Lotus Healing Center. Em brings a genuine calmness and a deep sense of grounded presence to her yogic offerings with a positive outlook not only within you but with the surrounding world. She truly allows you to become blissful, to be you, and to just BE. With her grounding energy her yoga teachings create an environment for others to be completely present in the moment.

~ Emile Lisauskaite ~

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