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Re-bEarth Retreat in the Jungles of Costa Rica


where the Caribbean meets the Jungle . . .

January 4th-11th, 2020

Re-bEarth Retreat in the Jungles of Costa Rica

Re-bEarth in the Jungles of Costa Rica!
Jan 4th - Jan 11th, 2020!

The warm sands of the Caribbean, the loving touch of the Sea, the comforting shade of the palm trees, the warm breeze kissing your skin, the lush earthy smell of the jungles, the exotic birds singing beautiful melodies…Costa Rica is calling for You!

We have dedicate to create a space and opportunity for you to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and step into your own personal paradise. You don’t have to plan anything at all. We have it all planned out for you. You can simply relax and enjoy your vacation.

Along with the bliss you will naturally be immersed in just by being in the presence of the divine vibe of Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica and her sacred waters and jungles, you will also have the opportunity to experience and explore the thoughtful offerings that Rising Lotus Healing Center created (with love♥) for the global excursion!

Please Welcome “re-bEarth in the Jungles of Costa Rica” Retreat in lovely Playa Chiquita!
Give yourself permission to just BE the Human BEing you are. Relax, restore, rejuvenate… You deserve it!

• 7 Nights, 8 days accommodation at the Eco-touristic paradise of Costa Rica
• 3x meals daily – delicious, planed-based, and local
• 2x daily yoga classes: from Embodied Soul Flow to Aroma Touch, from Breath & Body Connection to Reiki Healing, from Sound Healing to Tai Chi by the Caribbean Sea…
• Daily guided meditation and visualization
• Purify the body through sauna detoxification
• Adventure to hidden water fall
• Ecstatic dance party, conscious movements, life force stimulation and activation
•RESET Sound Medicine Journeys with Shaman Kjell
•Freediving & Snorkel safari with diving instructor Kjell in the Caribbean Sea (everybody can join)
**no equipment needed but you can bring personal snorkeling gear and flippers or rent near location**
• Earth elemental practices/special workshops
• Full moon ceremony
• Bike ride to explore of the beautiful Caribbean Village
• Bonfire Circle on the beach
• Enjoy exotic Caribbean private beaches at any time
• Hang out with residential sloths and monkeys above your bungalows!
• Quite time to reflect, reset, relax, journal, read, &/or just BE, taking in each moment with thyCellf
• Connect with your fellow retreaters, you’re all together for a reason…
• Optional: message & bodywork available
• Optional: Sea activities (surfing, snorkeling, kayaking)
• Optional: meet a native tribe and immerse yourself into the native culture and learn and experience the way they live according to the nature…

•Optional: One-on-on private sound healing session with Shaman, Kjell
•Optional: international Freediving license CMAS level 1 (includes a theoretical exam) or general Freediving lessons with Kjell. Apnea (breath hold) with extensive pranayama techniques/exercises, for those who want to further explore the divine submarine flora at Costa Rica's beautiful shores and the shores of the vast possibilities we can explore from within!

A rebirth, a space to Be Earth, to be your natural, organic, unique expression of life that you are, prior to all conditioning and limiting beliefs is encouraged and honored in all forms and expressions at the Re-bEarth Retreat. Join us brothers and sister of Earth and of Love… for an immersion into the depths of thyCellf. Join us for a Re-bEarth in the Jungles of Costa Rica meeting the Caribbean Sea. All beings are invited and welcome to attend with open hearts! We want you to join us just the way you are. We honor YOU so come as you are and bring a friend!

                                                                                     Meet Your Guides:
                                                                                                   Emile Lisauskaite












Certified Yoga Teacher, Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer at the Rising Lotus School of Yoga& Wellness, Master Reiki Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Meditation/Visualization Guide, Channeler, Psychology Graduate. Em incorporates her knowledge of the mind in her teachings and healings and will bring a genuine calmness and a deep sense of grounded presence to this retreat. With her grounding, Earth like energy, she will create an environment for you to connect with your self and Mother Earth. 

Emile's strong desire to live in an elevated state of mind led her to the path of Yoga. The insight she received through self exploration passionatley drove her to share it with others. May of 2017, Em acquired her YYT 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification at the Rising Lotus School of Yoga and Wellness and has completed 160 more hours of continued education at the Yoga Barn in Bali and 10 hours at Rising Lotus. As of June 2019, Emile became a E-RYT 200 (experienced registered yoga teacher). Em graduated with a Bachelors degree in psychology December 2018 at the University of Chicago in Illinois (UIC). Today, she is the owner of Rising Lotus Healing Center.

"Yoga taught me to be grateful. It brings me into alignment with the macrocosm of the microcosm that I am, realizing that I am a part of something way bigger than myself. The variety of postures I explore and embody bring me closer to love and acceptance of my body and my life, whatever it may consist of. The practice of conscious breathing and meditation allows mental narratives to subsided. I find myself able to just BE, feel, experience the life that I AM, completely immersed in the present moment and even honor challenges in life where all that may not be easy. Life will happen and we must let it flow and honor the cycles. The awareness I've gained brought me much gratitude and love for Life itself and has taught me that I am a student of life anf for life, the lessons just keep coming if you're open to it."

                                                                                                          Jenni Maes












Certified Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Coach and Cosmic Healer, Conscious Speaker, Certified Sound Healer. She enjoys weaving multidimensional techniques into her teachings thereby creating a space for one to overcome fears and step more fully into their radical exquisiteness and unique divine expression. Her mission for this profound retreat is to awaken those to their own unique soul essence, unique soul gifts and to empower each to step more fully into his/her divine sovereignty as a an embodied god/dess.

Jenni is known for her authentic, playful, radiant spirit that supports brave souls desiring a deeper connection with their own beloved essence through a guided asana practice. She incorporates rich intentions through guided practice, cultivating an organic flow of spiritual knowledge to become embodied within the poses. Jenni enjoys weaving multidimensional techniques into her yoga classes thereby creating a space for students to overcome fears and step more fully into their radical exquisiteness and unique divine expression.

                                                                                            Shaman Kjell Sandvik













Norwegian born Brazilian Viking and Shaman, Sound Therapist and Musical Energy Healer, Special Education Teacher, Multi-instrumental Musician, Composer, Free Diving Practitioner & Instructor, Exotic Attraction of a Human Being, and Self Sustainable Man living off the grid in Brazil! This epic Human Being is going global with Rising Lotus and is creating some AWESOME for you all! He will be offering you a unique chance to harmonize your emotional body, balance your chakras, strengthen the kundalini power, and release unnecessary attachments to past events and waste from your whole energetic system. Kjell will take you through musical journeys into your senses by weaving together sound scapes combining known emotional elements, beautiful music, shamanic wisdom. ancient instruments, and modern techniques. He will aid you into feeling a reconnection with the natural state of being with eternal love.

~ Jenni’s cosmic energies to meeting Em’s Earth faerie vibrations will make this retreat so transformational! Quantum alchemists and literally re-bEarthing ourselves in this reality to create the life we want to live! With the addition of Kjell's fire like essence along with the fluidity of his music will bring it all together with the winds of the Jungles and the Caribbean ~

Reserve your spot with $697 non refundable deposit.
Email Call 708-307-9103 or pay deposit on our website

Early Bird ~ $1897  paid in full by June 30th, 2019

Regular Rate ~ $2097 paid in full by Nov 30th, 2019
Bring a friend - get a discount!!!

~ Airfare and transportation not included but we can help book shuttles and recommend flights <3 ~

Happy to speak with you on the phone to answer any questions

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