Women Unleashed Day Retreat & Full Moon Ceremony

Retreat location: Amboy, Illinois


Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 9 AM – 6 PM

Women Who Gather Change the World!

We’ve planned a sacred event for conscious minded and open hearted women to gather for a ceremonial day retreat on the beautiful grounds of Soul Farm in Amboy, IL, a retreat sanctuary about an hour’s drive from the Rising Lotus Mothership.
In these times of great chaos, we gather.
We gather for healing, we gather for light
We gather to awaken & empower the primordial force of Shakti within us
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
Together, we heal
Together, we rise
Beloveds, our time together will be spent in deep connection with Gaia

This divine gathering will include:
❖ R E L E A S I N G our stories about fear ~ The collective is feeding off of fear and we are all feeling the effects. Our own fears are arising through this energy and it's time to offer these stories to a higher good so we can create more space within us to life our purpose with grace and ease.
❖ The practice of releasing through art therapy
❖ Diving into working with the Sacral Chakra ~ working with this energy center will help you release all the stored fear in the body and open us up to fully enjoying life!! Opening up and balancing this Chakra through specific practices will allow you to experience intimacy and love fully and freely.
❖ Enjoy outdoor Yoga & meditative practice at the Yoga Barn
❖ Journey into the experience of Forest Bathing and Cleansing
❖ Soul Journaling
❖ Feminine Embodiment Exercises ~ supporting the sacred Sacral Chakra
❖ Full Moon Ceremony
❖ Sacred Soul Embodiment through Dancing around the element of transformation ~ FIRE!
❖Blessing Luncheon ~ we will honor the gift of delicious vegetarian local, Midwest cooking just for you. 

Gift yourself this day. You deserve it 
Self Love Investment: $125

Retreat location: https://www.soulfarmretreats.com/ Amboy, Illinois
When: Thursday September 3rd, 9am-6pm

Have your own mat and any desired props, dress comfortable, all activities will be outdoors.

Contact us with any questions at 708-262-9539, 708-307-9103 or RisingLotusHealingCenter@yahoo.com