BECOMING:  "the Science and Practice of Becoming Your Higher Self"


Date: Sunday's

March 3rd - April 7th 

Time: 4:00-6:00pm




Join healer, Gina Tortorello in BECOMING....

Because it’s time....time for us to remember who we are...time to becomewho we are meant to be. Who we were created to be. Michaelangelo was known to have said of his famous work of art David... .I can’t take credit for his creation,God created him, I only chipped away the excess stone that was around him. We too can unveil the gloriousness we are meant to be by removing the blocks we’ve accumulated and become what is waiting for us.

Because it’s time....time to come together to have conscious raising conversations
....This course is designed for those who want to come together to delve into a greater understanding of how applying the ancient contemplative practices of meditation accompanied with modern cutting edge research in the studies of neuroscience and quantum physics will show us how our brain, through evolution has a negative bias and how negative thoughts can actually make us sick or keep us living in lack. Conversely, we’ll learn how rewiring ourselves positively can create abundant living. We are living in an exciting time where there are numerous resources of information available...but it isn’t enough to’s time to know how...that’s what the course of Becoming is about. There are principles or laws that govern our universe and when we learn how to harness them effectively we can truly co-create with Source our most amazing living. There are secrets to manifesting...and we will share how surprisingly easy they are.

Because it’s time....time to realize how powerful we are....our potential is limitless yet we access so little of that’s time for us to remember...time for us to create.
This6 week course will meet once weekly where we will discuss principles and theories supporting the understanding of how our personality is creating our personal reality and what the quantum field is and how the human energy systems are key to our attunement to our
living. Every week will grow on the previous week’s learnings and include a guided blessing of the energy centers meditation and time for us to share our progress.

~Limited to 12 participants
~Investment $150 
~Pre-register REQUIRED to secure a spot for yourself!
~Sundays March 3rd - April 7th, 2019, 4-6 pm
~Commitment to daily at home20 minute meditation