The Power Of Your Walk



Saturday, September 7

Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm

Investment - $25



Your body, your energy speaks louder than your words - it shows who you truly are, how you truly feel, where you are headed in life, and where you are stuck. It alters people’s perception of you and it ultimately impacts you on every level. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn what YOUR body is saying - and the power that you can gain through body awareness.

Yana German, Mind-Body Pattern Shifter and esteemed Body Language Expert, has the ability to read what you truly feel inside and presents elusive concepts in a way that will allow you to understand them like never before.

This workshop will help you:

- Connect with your truth, allowing you to experience an instant shift
- Gain an understanding of the core obstacles that keep you from living your life to the fullest
- Feel your own power and potential, ultimately becoming the powerhouse for yourself
- Learn the hands on tools that will allow you to move forward in a different way, including Yana’s unique method for feeling more grounded instantly
- Be prepared to be amazed at what you will discover and how you will change in only 2 hours!

Join Us!

$47 per person if registered by August 24th
$55 per person after August 24th
Registration closes August 31st

About Yana

Yana German uses over 18 years of experience as a Mind-Body Pattern Shifter and Body Language Expert to help individuals experience a positive transformation from within. She has an organic approach to personal development, focusing on the relationship between the mind and the phsio-energetic body, in which thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns interact.

Yana’s unique gift is to sense and read if a person is aligned with themselves, tuning into the tone of their frequency through their physical movements - specifically their walk. Her ability to read a person’s walk spot on amazes all who have the opportunity to experience her workshops and truly gives one the feeling of being truly seen, down to their soul!

And what really sets Yana apart from other healers and coaches is her unique ability to align a person’s perception so that they can feel and sense their own power, allowing them to reach their highest potential in the physical universe.

Yana shares her knowledge and hands on tools with women through Workshops, Master Classes, and her life changing Weekend Intensives. She also speaks nationally, with appearances on Access Hollywood, Good Day, Pix11 New York, Fox32, and other media outlets. Many of her TV appearances are as an Anti-Bullying Advocate, sharing body language tips to help empower children against bullying.