Spiritual Personal Training Services by Appointment Only

With Healer Gina Tortorello

We’re living in an exciting time where science is backing up spirituality, and they are giving us the same message. We are so much more than we realize, and the elixir of life is available to us all, we all have access to living happily, healthfully, abundantly, joyfully, creatively, peacefully as we were created to be.

For most of us lifestyle and culture have not guided us towards authentic well-being. We are mass marketed towards false illusions and grand delusions of what happiness is. We are living in states of chronic stress and have the physical, emotional and mental illnesses to prove it.

Within us all is the possibility for our greatest expression, the potential to live as our highest self, our alpha self. With a bit of guidance, we can open to creative living.


● Creative Intelligence
● Improved mental focus/clarity
● Enriched living
● Tools for anxiety/depression
● Increase resilience and self worth
● Alignment/Attunement for manifesting
dreams into reality
● Evolving


● Yoga
● Meditation
● Circles
● Goddess Gatherings
● Cacao Ceremonies
● Energy Blessings/Reiki
● Soul Journaling


~Individual Sessions~
60 minutes: $75 // 90 minutes: $100


AWAKEN: 1 session - 90 minutes, 2 sessions - 60 minutes each = $225

EVOLVE: 2 sessions - 90 minutes each, 4 sessions - 60 minutes each = $450

ATTUNE: 3 sessions - 60 minutes each = $200

ALIGN: 3 sessions - 90 minutes each = $275

~Packages can be used over a 6 month time period~


2 hours, per group size:
1-2 people = $400 // 3-4 people = $500 // 5-6 people = $600 // 7-9 people = $700 10-12 people = $800 // 13-15 people = $900 // 16-20 people = $1000

For scheduling an appointment, or more information, please contact us 708-262-9539 or email RisingLotusHealingCenter@yahoo.com


Healer Gina Tortorello

Gina’s personal journey of healing and self discovery brought her to studying mindful practices and the mind-body connection. In particularly fascinated by the cutting edge research in neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics Gina has begun synthesizing these reprogramming techniques into her yoga and meditative classes.

“We have a powerful opportunity to significantly better our lives when we enter a meditative state of mind. But we sometimes need a little help getting to and navigating the inner space. What I hope to share through personal spiritual training services is a safe, supportive space for people to create an increased quality of life for themselves. It’s an opportunity to do self-work with guidance and support to optimize any and all areas of life. It may be for improving health, increasing financial abundance, establishing healthy relationships, inspiring creativity, or to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, to cope with grief or manage stress. We have more power than we realize. It’s amazing what potential there is available to us...I’m thrilled to share this information. This work is extremely self-empowering.”

Because it’s time….There’s been a significant rise of interest in the community of those seeking ways of living more holistically, purposefully and abundantly. This is for you….to support your deeper work of personal discovery and self growth.

Gina is an E-RYT , Accredited Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance, Reiki Energy Channeller, Co-creator of Becoming: The Science & Practices of Becoming Your Higher Self, Spiritual & Meditation teacher, Ceremonial Circle facilitator, Eco-Friendly HairStylist, and Spiritual Writing Guide. She nourishes herself in nature and volunteers regularly leading yoga hikes through the Cook County Forest Preserves.