Peruvian Sound Healing Ceremony



Sunday, August  4

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Investment: $30 in advance

$35 at the door



Rising Lotus Healing Center are truly grateful and excited to announce this amazing event to our community!

Please join us and experience a Peruvian Sound Healing Ceremony with Rafo Nunjar Tovar. He is joining us from Peru for special event during his visit to the Chicago area! Rafo is a sound healer and self taught musician, pre-hispanic and traditional sound artifacts researcher and wind instrument builder. During the sound healing sessions he uses many sound artifacts and musical instruments from ancient Peru that have been used for ceremonial purposes.

This is a unique opportunity to experience this traditional ceremonial healing work as it is done in Peru! Rafo will also have some traditional Andean textiles and items for sale for your altar/meditation space!

Please see additional description about the event below and do register now!

Ceremony Date: Sunday, August 4th, 2019 6-8 p.m.

Investment: $30 in advance
$35 at the door

Please pre-register through the link below.
Event Description:

A sound ceremony is a special moment in time and space to deeply relax, meditate and heal – exploring our emotions and regaining our energetic balance through the use of music and sounds mainly from the Andean and jungle regions of Peru.

Traditional instruments like the conch shell trumpet, flutes, panpipes, singing bowls, etc, are present to take us from our daily state of consciousness into a deep meditative and healing states.

In many traditions all over the world sounds, musical instruments, voices and chants have been tools that go beyond what we know as music. They are until this day the means for many people to heal.

Many studies have shown how sounds can influence our physical body. Certain melodies and frequencies can be used for sleeping issues, improving focus, improving our mood and stimulating our immune system and so much more. It also allows us a deep relaxation and a space for entering the landscapes of our soul as we will experience in ceremony.

Sound cannot be seen or touched, but it exists and vibrates. In many ancient traditions it is said that sound is what generates material universe and light. Our body is in constant vibration, changing according to mood, external stimulation and daily life. Everything affects us and at the same time we affect everything. We become mirrors for our reality. Sound and music directly affect the vibration of our mind, body and soul.

Just like ceremonies in our Andean culture we begin by acknowledging the many factors we are thankful for in the present and then we express our wishes and the things we want to change or improve. Then all participants lay down and sounds and music start appearing. While this is happening I may approach each participant individually to play using the instruments, which are sometimes placed directly on the body. At some points there are guided meditations.

At the end and to close there is a final word circle where we share our experience and feelings.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow for your relaxation during the ceremony. This is sure to be a beautiful and profound experience for all!

For additional information about Rafo, please visit: