200-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

January 4th  - May 3rd, 2020

Rising Lotus is honored to hold space for a Kundalini Yoga 200 hrs Teacher Training!

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation In-Depth Studies
Yoga Alliance 200-hour Credentialed Teacher Training Program

This program is intended for the dedicated student seeking an in-depth understanding and practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, as well as preparation and training for becoming a teacher in this tradition.

Recognized and credentialed by Yoga Alliance and taught by Lead Trainer with over 20 years of experience, you will receive over 220 hours of training, including 180 hours of classroom time, over 40 hours of self-study and Practicum, plus direct one-on-one mentorship to enhance your journey of self-transformation. You will get the experience you need to teach others with wisdom and compassion, with a solid foundation of knowledge to build confidence.

An Integrated Experience - To Take You Deeper.
This program integrates the traditional teachings of the Kundalini Tantra, with a strong focus on Kundalini philosophy, energetic anatomy, and the chakra system, and yogic lifestyle, with an underpinning of the anatomical structures and functions of the human body and how it operates, to better comprehend the roots, reasons, effects and applications of this practice. We also offer a dedicated focus on how to bring this practice to diverse populations, to make it accessible and its benefits attainable.

With a very spiritual yet non-religious approach, our accredited Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training program is suited to everyone, regardless of background or beliefs. We believe the teachings of yoga are for all, and are meant to be understood without dogma or idolatry, for the purpose of freeing us into the limitless possibilities of our True Selves.

As yogis, it is our mission to break down barriers to spiritual growth on every level. Through this program, you will endeavor on a transformational journey, become free of self-limiting beliefs, understand your unique power and purpose, and learn to share your light.

Join us to explore your True Self and prepare to alight on your highest path.


Why Study Kundalini?

Through the deeper study of Kundalini yoga and meditation, we refine ourselves as individuals and contributors to the whole, as we clear subconscious patterns, imbalances, and detrimental behaviors, and uncover Truth. We unveil our ultimate potential and highest purpose, and are able to find contentment and happiness beyond the fluctuations of our daily lives.

Students of our school become knowledgeable, well-rounded, and safe practitioners and teachers of this method of yoga, embodying its messages and practices, and serving as an example of the benefits of a yogic lifestyle. Graduates are able to effectively convey the wisdom of Kundalini yoga and meditation and inspire others to explore these teachings.

Deepen your commitment. Find clarity. Cultivate Light.


Topics include:

- History and Philosophy of Kundalini Yoga (you can understand your life better and the function of Kundalini energy)
- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
- Sadhana (Establishing a Daily Practice of Yoga and Meditation)
- The Concept of Kriya (Asana, Mudra and Meditation)
- Divine Alignment (Asana and the Human Form)
- Bandhas (for awakening the hidden energy and channeling the energy in the proper direction)
- Mudras (yogic gestures that help you to save your energy so that you can make yourself always happy)
- Pranayama (for energy balance and proper breathing)
- Mantra and Sacred Sound
- Meditation(21 stages of meditation)
- Yogic and Western Anatomy (chakra system, nadis, aura)
- Humanology and Yogic Lifestyle
- 10 bodies
- Tantra practices (to unite and balance the Shiva and Shakti)
- The Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
- Kundalini Yoga in Applied Settings: The Business and Ethics of a Yoga Teacher
- Practicum: Teaching from Day One


For whom:

- If you are looking for inner peace and wisdom.
- If you are open to understand the Indian yogic philosophy.
- If you want to merge in deep silence to seek who you really are.
- If you are looking for some unknown answer or something vacant which is sparkling always within you.
- If you want to bring your regular yoga practice to next level and to share the same knowledge with your friends or with the world.
- If you want to break all the boundaries and limitation which are holding you back from freedom and liberation.
- Those who are interested to teach meditation and Tantra Kundalini practices.
- Those who want to develop the skill of teaching in the path of traditional Kundalini, Tantra, and meditation.
- Good for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.
- Those who are willing to awaken the hidden energy.
- Those who are seeking 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate after completion of the course.


About Lead Teacher:

'Samadhi' Donna Witters Banks, E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP, IKYTA is the founder of Studio Samadhi, with trainings in the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas area, Chicago, Illinois suburbs, and destination retreats. She has been dedicated to yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years, with well over 3000 hours of teaching experience, in addition to over 10 years teaching other forms of fitness and wellness, and instituting corporate wellness programs. Her personal practice and dynamic teaching style are rooted in her study of Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga, as well as the meditation techniques of Buddhism and the Raj Yoga tradition of Brahma Kumaris. Samadhi's training, teaching, and mentoring work focuses on the transformational benefits of both Hatha and Kundalini yoga techniques for mind, body, and spirit. In addition to her 200- and 500-hour certifications in Hatha Yoga, she is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and has studied with teachers of other paths of the Kundalini Tantra as well. For the past many years, Samadhi was central in driving awareness and practice of Kundalini Yoga in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area, and now brings this mission to the western suburbs of Chicago and beyond. She is a Radiant Child (RCYP) Level III children’s Kundalini yoga teacher, and offers the The Indigo Project Children's Yoga Specialty Teacher Training for the RCYT designation. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she also teaches energy work and has a passion for our natural potential for health and well-being, regularly mentoring others. Her integrated approach to energetic awareness and holistic wellness has been effective and inspiring for students in her group classes, Teacher Training, In-Depth Personal Yoga Studies program, and private sessions, and in her own recovery from colon cancer. She also uses her lifelong background as an artist and passion for decorating to co-create calming, serene interior spaces for her private clients. Samadhi embraces yoga as a lifetime journey of self-discovery, consciousness, and evolution.

Other Teachers:

- Jenny Jagatjeet Bergold RYT 200 has been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching for ten. Jenny discovered yoga to calm the body and strengthen the mind. Jenny has her 200 Hour Hatha certification from Heaven Meets Earth Yoga in Evanston, IL and her 200 Hour Kundalini certification from Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago, IL. Jenny's classes focus on the mind and meditation, healing the body through asana, and uplifting the spirit through inspiration.

- Rasa Urkus RYT 200. With the help of Kundalini yoga and meditation Rasa healed from depression and anxiety. After her life took very fast-paced: everything what was not working for her anymore started leaving, much deeper meaning of life and self-realization arose. She was very surprised how much she was holding with in, and how hard is to balance it all, arise the good and let go of what you don't need anymore. That became and still is her daily practice. In 2014 she was called to share her experience with others, by starting teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation. She also is energy healer (Reiki, Polar therapy, hypnosis), spiritual coach, still studying and practicing modern Shamanism and Paganism. 200h certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, has initiation into Kriya Yoga as taught by lineage of masters from Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj to Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda. And together with her husband Mil Urkus she is co-founder of ''U Healing'' helping people to find the balance and joy in their lives again.


Training Duration:

January 4th - May 3rd, 2020
Jan 4th-5th
Jan 25th-26th
Feb 8th-9th
Feb 22nd-23rd

Mar 7th-8th
Mar 21st-22nd
Apr 4th-7th (Intense training)
Apr 18th-19th
May 2nd-3rd

Class meets at Rising Lotus Healing Center:
10am - 6pm on Saturdays
10am - 5pm on Sundays


Training Tuition & Fees:

- $250 Registration Fee non-refundable, due at time of application (included in Tuition Fee)
- $2999 Tuition Fee Paid in Full, due at time of registration or before December 20th, 2019.
- $3299 Tuition Fee by Installment, monthly payments*
*Registration fee + 50% down due at time of enrollment or by the specified deadline per course; balance auto-billed monthly through course start date.

Textbooks are required and optional textbooks are recommended, at student's expense.

Pre-register through the link below or contact us 708-262-9539 ~ RisingLotusHealingCenter@yahoo.com

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