Healing Through The Arts: Zen Creations 5 Week Course



 Date: Mondays,

May 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15

11 AM – 12 PM



ZEN CREATIONS - Healing Through The Arts

Rising Lotus and our yoga instructor/artist Tracy has designed something new and creative for you! We are offering an online creative workshop that invites you to interact with the artist in you and offer the creative tools that you need to ward off daily stresses.

As we are faced with new global challenges together, difficult emotions or inner obstacles may be rising to the surface. Here in this 5 week workshop we combine the powers of the breath and guided meditation with therapeutic art practices to allow your soul to express freely.

This combination of yoga/meditation and therapeutic art practices offers so many benefits:
• While some people find it difficult to write/talk about their feelings, this takes that out of the equation. Which means this is a great workshop for anyone!
• Most often, there is an understanding barrier when using words to help describe or understand our feelings and emotions. Especially with emotions and issues that we don’t entirely understand yet. This method offers a safe space to feel and express in an artistic language, and strengthen our sense of intuition.

• This method also works tremendously on the brain. It can help increase self awareness, increase positive perspectives, aid brain activity, increase neural connectivity, and so much more!Another thing we are offering in this workshop is reflective journaling with art practices.Journaling is optional, but is a great complimentary tool that helps this process. We will give you the reflective prompts for the specific weeks Join us to go deeper into the creative and healing realm with this 5 week online workshop!

PLEASE NOTE: we don't require you to buy any art supplies! And no “art skills” necessary :)only a journal/sketch pad for you, and you can use materials that you have around the house OR buy whatever you're inspired to use.

This workshop will take place on Mondays at 11am for 5 weeks, Facebook live videos with short guided meditation intro, art exercises and demos, reflective journaling prompts, and Q&A in the end if any.

NOTE: if you are unable to tune in, the videos will be available at your leisure for the whole 5 weeks!

We'll meet on Zoom platform May 18th, 25th, June 1st, 8th, 15th @11am. Link to connect will be provided at the day of the workshop 

Love donation: $35 (all 5 weeks)
Sign-up through the link below.