Solstice Sound Journey Gong Wash



Saturday, December 18th, 7:00-9:00pm




This Holiday, take the time to center yourself and get tuned to the healing Vibrations of sound healing therapy. Ring in the metaphysical New Year with the soothing tones of singing bowls, transient melodies of the handpan, and powerful vibrations of the Gong. Wash away and cleanse old energy and release any and all things that no longer serves us. Rejuvenate, re-energize, and revitalize your energetic body. Let's set the intentions of our year ahead! 2022 IS YOUR YEAR!

This immersive and meditative journey is designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system. Be immersed through this transient trans-formative auditory and vibrational trip that can facilitate a cleansing, clearing, calming and energizing effect.

The powerful Gong serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. Featuring 2 unique and complimentary gongs. The "Sun Gong" specifically tuned to the vibrational frequency of the Sun and is associated with the OM tone. It has been revered by Hindus since ancient times that the sun is a manifestation of the OM which gives life and vibrates its healing and life giving frequency. Paired with the "Atlantis Gong" they both carry deep full bodied sounds that can conjure up emotional depth, creating sensations with deep body effects followed by sweet harmonic overtones that echo through the nervous system like waves. This ringing feels like a gentle vibration washing through your body. The Atlantis Gong vibrates healing frequency that stimulates: emotional balance, clear energetic blockages and heighten intuitive connection. Be immersed in this tantalizing sound bath, wash away negative blockages, transform through the intensity and be reborn through the journey.


Your Guide is Simon Jay Cervania, the Founder of the Harmonic Waves Healing Accredited Certification Program. Using vibrations as a therapeutic tool, Jay travels and facilitates live sound journeys and gong washes. He is a multifaceted and talented artist, a painter of visionary art and a musician with over 10 years of experience. Native to the Philippines, Jay came to America to master a variety of healing arts such as: energy healing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy and is a Reiki Master Teacher. His passion working with music and sound healing therapy have led him to work with numerous cultural and wellness centers, yoga studios and holistic healing spaces throughout the Chicagoland area. A student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple, he also leads Qi Gong/Tai Chi classes. He has led various healing modality workshops, mindful events and conscious community events.

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