Full Moon Ritual


~ With Shaman & Sound Therapist Kjell Schibsted Sandvik ~


Friday, April 19

Time   7:00-9:00pm

Donation $25



From ancient to modern times, Shamanic ritual is diverse and unique within each culture. What remains consistent is the intention to weave the sacred into the ordinary ways of life to bring forth wholeness.

The full moon is a time of illumination,  when we get to witness our growth and tap into our intuition with an extra dose of energy from the cosmos. This Pink Moon is shining her light on what's serving us and what's not. She's asking us to shape-shift and transform, to be reborn into a version of ourselves that's ready for whatever comes next.

The snake is a shapeshifter, and the perfect medicine to work with to see what we need to shed. Snakes feel things on a vibrational level, thanks to their tongues, and are constantly leaving their old skin to make room for the new. We will be utilizing the snake’s medicine to see what we need to shed and release in the coming weeks.

Our bodies are mostly made of water, and just like in the ocean, the water is pulled and pushed by the moon creating the tides.
By doing a full moon ceremony, when the tide is at its highest you’re coming into a more emotionally intuitive mindset.

As humans, sometimes we need hard lessons. We don’t really listen to whispers.

We need to have the full moon rising, because it fully shows us to pay sharp attention, to look deeply, stay in the moment and release the old to embrace the new.

Join the Sacred Circle of this Full Pink Moon Ritual and rejoice the coming of spring and passing of winter.

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