Day of the Dead Ceremony and Gong Wash Sound Healing



Saturday, November 2th,

Time: 6:00-8:00PM

Early Registration: $30  

Same Day Registration $35



On this day we celebrate and honor our loved ones who have transitioned to the other side. This includes people who have passed away this year, people in our lives that have passed within our lifetime and the spirits of our ancestors that live within us.

There are times we lose people we love without closure. There are times spirit calls to us and have a message for us. Or we may just even be led to certain circumstances and situations, or curiosity that leads us to auspiciousness. Whatever is driving you and you feel this is appropriate, come join 3 amazing mediums who have the skills and talents to bring this connection to you.

Join our host and facilitator Shaman Jay and 2 amazing and very talented Psychic Mediums in facilitating this connection and may be able to channel some words of wisdom, insight or advice from spirit of our beloved that have have passed on.

Everyone is encouraged to bring an offering, a photo or a belonging with significant meaning to someone you love or people who want to honor and connect. It is believed that on this time of the year, that the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest and many cultures all over the world celebrate, pray, and honor those who have passed. In this ceremony we will open a channel through a guided mediation to connect, grieve, and express gratitude and love to our dearly departed, giving us acceptance, healing, closure, and a peace of mind.

Be transported with the sacred sounds of the flute, bells, singing bowls, handpan, drums, and Gong as you journey through tones, frequencies, and live sound healing. This immersive and meditative journey is designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system. Be immersed through this transient trans-formative auditory and vibrational trip that can facilitate a cleansing, clearing, calming and energizing effect

*Please register head to reserve your space

Early Registration: $30 OR $35 Same Day Registration (if space allows)

Please pre-register through the link below or call 708-262-9539