Mystical Embodiment:
Sound Healing & Kirtan



Saturday, August 13th




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We are an intricate and inseparable part the creative intelligence of the YOUniverse. We are energy & vibration is our medicine. 

~ Join Divya & Bill for an evening of Mystical Embodiment: Sound Healing & Kirtan ~

As a spiritual practice, Kirtan can be used to chant the many names of God, or Source/Creative Energy. The word water will not get you wet. It is something that one must experience. However, by chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras, one can attune to the various personalities of the one Godhead and experience/remember the love that holds and guides us, even in our ignorance of it. Many of the mantras are in Sanskrit, therefore the meaning of these is conveyed through the vibration. As our hearts opens during this practice, you may find tears of joy filling your eyes. It is a feeling of coming home, and home is Love. 

When the mantras are sung with melody and often musical accompaniment, this is called Kirtan. The power is in the mantra. But just like we sometimes put strong medicine in honey to make it more palatable, when we put mantras to melodies, it becomes much sweeter and can help open one's heart. 

After a sound healing infused Kirtan, we will rest as the MindBody gets transported through space & time in an hour long Sound Journey. Divya’s musical gifts will guide you to experience your inner most self through feeling. Experiencing sound in such a way is therapeutic. You will be immersed in sounds that are attuned to high & healing vibrations that are beneficial on all energetic planes of Being. The healing sounds will bring harmony in all that they touch by surfacing certain blockages & stored emotions so that they can release. 

The Sound Healing Journey features Crystal, Tibetan & Chinese singing bowls, 2 Chinese Chau gongs, chimes, bells, flute, rain-sticks, rattles, ocean drum, RAV VAST - a harmonic percussion steel drum & more.

~ This event is donation based. All profits will go towards bringing the Desert Rose Harp Gong into the Rising Lotus Instrument Family for your enjoyment, relaxation & healing  ~



About the facilitators:

Bill Vassios:
Bill received his 200 level yoga teacher training in 2017 through Universal Spirit Yoga under Poonam Gupta, ERYT 500. He has since been teaching community Hatha Yoga classes at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in Lemont. Bill believe that Yoga is not just a practice, but a way of life. Yoga helps us learn how to control our minds and direct energy in ways that are aligned to our highest purpose. We are here to remember the source from which we came, that we may bring that love and harmony into this plane of existence. Bill has a passion for Bhakti Yoga. As a spiritual practice, he chant the many names of God, or Source/Creative Energy. The names he chant mostly come from but are not limited to the Hindu tradition.

Divya Drishti:
Divya is a Harmonic Waves Healing Certified Practitioner/Sound Healer. Sound Therapy is where she feels connected, true and at home. Her natural state of wholeness fully shines when creating a musical and healing experience for others. Divya has been collecting instruments, connecting to their natural resonance, and attuning herself to intuitively work with them. She is also a Reiki 3 Master and infuses Reiki in her sound baths. Divya is a natural intuitive, empath & is clairaudient. She pick up on emotional energy and brings balance into them through co~collaborating with her instruments — creating an environment of emotional healing. Her capacity to hold space for healing and is an ever evolving powerful guide of healing and wholeness.