Living Deeply: Clearing the Mind Workshop



Saturday, November 23rd,

Time: 2:00-4:30PM

PRE-REGISTER: $35 (No reading)/$109 (With reading)

AT THE DOOR: $40 (No reading)/$129 (With reading)



Living Deeply: Clearing the Mind - Two-Part Workshop

Saturday, November 23rd - 2 to 4:30 pm

First Hour: Workshop
Do you find that your mind is constantly going and you have a lot of mind chatter? Are you constantly running and doing? With this, do you find yourself worrying a lot and beating up on yourself? Come join us for today's workshop to create some space, calm and clarity with original life-changing awarenesses, practices and tools to still the mind and begin to cultivate a new relationship with yourself and your world, going deep for powerful healing, clearing and miracles!!!

Second Hour: 20-Minute 1-on-1 Living Deeply Soul Readings: ONLY THREE SPOTS AVAILABLE!

In the second hour, Deb will provide One-on-One Soul Readings in a group setting. Each reading is 20 minutes, and while all workshop participants are invited to attend to get the benefit of the readings, there are only three spaces available for one-on-one work. If this options feels right for you, come with something you're wanting to shift or Deb can just tune in to read the biggest thing blocking you at a soul level. Expect to go extremely deep for powerful healing, clearing and miracles!!!

For more information about the Workshop One-on-One Readings, head to:

Investment (including 2-Hour Workshop):
PRE-REGISTER: $35 (No reading)/$109 (With reading)
AT THE DOOR: $40 (No reading)/$129 (With reading)

About Deb Acker:

Before Deb turned two, her dad left and when she was seventeen, her mom passed away. These two life-changing moments cemented in a deep abandonment pattern that would take close to 40 years to heal. In the process, she would learn forgiveness, the importance of owning all of our emotions, not just the good ones, and most importantly, how to heal deep-rooted patterns, including abandonment, which she healed within herself, to create powerful change.

As an Intuitive, Deb's Living Deeply Workshops expand upon these lessons and many of the tools, awarenesses and concepts shared in her first book, Living Deeply: A Transformational Journey Through Deep Pain, Loss and Abandonment to Healing, Self-Love and Miracles. When she's not clearing energy blocks & childhood patterns, teaching, speaking or writing, including for The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, you can find Deb working out and traveling the world. To find out more about Deb, visit her at

Testimonials from Living Deeply Workshop Participants:

“After my first workshop with Deb I spoke with my Dad for the first time in over 10 years!!!! I am not a long term friend or a client. I met her the day of the workshop and in one day made that major of a mindset shift. Deb has incredible energy, awareness of it, and a powerful ability to guide others towards transformation by helping to clear what doesn’t serve and replenish what will! 6000 out of 10 recommend- she’s doing RAD work!” - Jessica Lauren

"Thank YOU again so much for your work! (From yesterday's workshop), I've noticed huge shifts in how I perceive the world around me. I feel much more relaxed knowing a lot of my perceptions where not mine to begin with and no longer serve my highest self. I love it and am very grateful for this opportunity to heal in a different way than I have ever done." - Crystal

"...I felt a release of mental obsession I've had for MANY years with my father and X-husband. Afterwards, I felt more at peace than I have in years, I wasn't in my head as much about past/future. I felt as though I was going to be ok and there wasn't as much 'wrong' with me as I have felt, especially in relation to my father & X(-husband)." - Debra

“Deb’s clearings are different from anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve spent years taking self-development classes and learning how to use various energy-clearing tools. With Deb’s clearings, I’ve found them so effective at clearing old habits and blocks… When they’re done, I feel very relaxed and clear headed and old feelings, fears and concerns just seem to lift out of my energy field... They never fail to leave me feeling better – happier, clearer and more joyful.” - Anonymous

"(I loved) The whole thing... The clearing was amazing - I really felt a lot of energy clearing and myself expanding into the truth of who I am." - Sarah

"I really liked the clarity and comfortability I felt. I cried because I really needed this. Thank you!" - Jackie

Pre-registration REQUIRED through the link below or call 708-262-9539