Saturday, December 12

6:30pm - 8pm



Merge with the Ethers through an immersive Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath.

As we take on this human experience it is easy to slip into the world of form and start to feel more like matter and less like energy. We forget that our truest expression, at the core, is light and loving ENERGY! After all, we are mainly made up of space.

Yes, our bodies are OF this Beloved Sacred Earth but we are not FROM this Earth. We are pART of what created Earth herself. We are a point of awareness embarking and experiencing this physical reality just like Earth herself is a point of awareness experiencing physicality. If we can come to recognize that we are a part of this profound intelligence, we can start to live to our truest and fullest potential and connect to higher dimensions as we live THIS one!

This sound bath will be of the Etherial Energy to reconnect you with the ever flowing Life Force. We will end with an Earth Elemental Sound Bath that will resonate with your Earth body and bring you back in your hOMe in this life - this body, this breath, this Earth that you are an intimate part of.

Merging your Etherial Self with your Earth Self is a recipe for an Empowered and Co~creative life.

Before the Sound Bath we will dive into a Kundalini Meditation to center ourselves, get in~tune with our energy, connect to our higher Chakras (Energy Center) and open up to receiving. After the Sound bath we will dedicate time to a silent Savasana and meditation to recenter.  

This event will also be dedicated to Benevolent Blessings.
We will collectively create an alter in the cENTER where you can place:
~ A special item.
~ A photo of a loved one who may or may not be present in this physical realm that you'd like to reconnect with or send blessings/healing to.
~An intention you'd like to make manifest.
~Whatever your heart desires.

The support of the Sacred Celestial Sound Bath and the Collective High Vibratory Energy will cleanse, bathe, bless and manifest your items/intentions/wishes. 

I invite you to invest in your Cellf, your dreams, your fullest potential... 
See U at the cENTER 

About the facilitator:
Divya is a Harmonic Waves Healing Certified Practitioner/Sound Healer. Emile has been collecting instruments, connecting to their natural resonance and attuning herself to intuitively work with them. Em is also a Reiki 3 Master and infuses Reiki in her sound baths. She has been a dedicated Hatha & Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and is the owner of Rising Lotus Healing Center. Her experiences have strengthened her capacity to hold space for healing and is an ever evolving powerful guide of healing and wholeness.

Benefits of Bathing In Healing Sound Vibrations:
1. Promotes deep relaxation & a restful sleep.
2. Supports & renews mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
3. Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
4. Clears energetic blockages.
5. Promotes a clear mind.
6. Permeates our system, helping it return to balance.
7. Leaves you feeling balanced and replenished.
8. Boosts health and healing.
9. Flushed the body on a cellular level.
10. Slows down brain wave frequencies.
11. Promotes deep meditative states.

Date of Event: 12/12/2020
Time of Event: 6:30-8:00pm
Investment: $22

Preregistration is encouraged due to limited space.


with Love & Light

Rising Lotus

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