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Advanced Asana Course with
Wade Gotwals (CEU Available)


ADVANCED ASANA course with Wade Gotwals (Mindful Vinyasa Yoga as the foundation) - CEU available

This is a 10 month course, total of 54 hours of teaching.

What to expect from this course?
• What does it mean to teach advanced asana with inclusion and how do we see bodies with a more refined lens.
• Advancing Asana in depth with alignment modifications including prep work and considerations for all bodies.
• Creating a roadmap from base postures to advanced postures so that there is a clear template moving forward
• Using props and the wall to aid in the journey of full expression of the postures, fine-tuned to the individuals body
• Group discussions on Misalignments, Cueing challenges and how to guide others with precision and 'heart'
• What is Advanced Mindful Vinyasa and how can we use this form of Sequencing to help our students find more space, strength and stability in their body and bring love and acceptance to their practice.
• Sequencing movements of the spine, symmetrical and asymmetrical postures and taking that to the next level.
• Creating a library of Mindful Flow Sequences with focus on 'break-down' able moments that benefit the purpose of the sequence
• In-Depth Cueing and Adjustment options suited for your relationship with the student, as well as sharing PNF techniques,Thai Massage techniques and Creative Expressions to color and deepen your connections.
• Plenty of teaching time infusing Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Bandhas, Dharma, Chanting, Partner work, Story-telling and Sangha building exercises to elevate your offerings
• Exploring how the Kosha's guide us as teachers and how to tap into the intuition with more depth as you guide
• Lastly, creating a Sadhana (spiritual practice) to keep our energy and yoga practice balanced as we support others

Saturdays @Rising Lotus: 
10:30am-1:30pm & 2:30pm-5:30pm
Oct 29th, 2022
Dec 10th
Jan 28th, 2023
Feb 25th
April 15th
May 6th
June 17th
July 8th
August 5th

Investment: $899;
Early Bird $799 (until September 30th)

Payment plan available per request.

Limited spots!
Pre-register through the link below or call 708-262-9539


About Educator, Wade Gotwals:

About Educator, Wade Gotwals:
As an internationally traveling yogi, Wade leads retreats, workshops and events around the globe and is known for his innovative approach and inspirational teachings. He creates a sense of community among his students through heart and humor and challenges them to explore their full potential during his uniquely sequenced Vinyasa classes. His style is structured and playful at the same time, offering options of openness, depth and strength so everyone will be appropriately challenged.

Wade holds certifications in Thai and Intuitive massage, Touch for Health, and is an Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher via the Yoga Alliance. He has studied with master teachers in Asia, India and the U.S. and is always excited to share his new discoveries with his students. He weaves together a fluid, soul-connecting practice: intelligently sequencing fiery and dynamic rajasic asanas along with cooling and balanced satvic asanas.

Beyond the physical practice, he also infuses dharma, bhakti and meditation into class. His meditation and Advaita studies in India with Ramesh Balsekar and in the U.S with Dorje Kelsang have enhanced his intuitive nature and enriched him as a teacher. Seva is also an important part of his practice and he supports and works closely with a number of grassroot charities.
Ultimately, Wade is guided by the dharmic principles of Advaita or ‘oneness and non-separation’, which manifests in a subtle but powerful thread which connects everyone in spirit during his workshops and classes. He strives to find interesting ways to keep his students inspired, and his love for the practice continues to stay energized by the grateful receipt of his students’ good vibes!

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